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Abstract Submission

Authors get the opportunity to submit an abstract for consideration and, if accepted, have the paper assigned by the conference committee to a particular session as an oral presentation. 

To submit an abstract please register as a participant and submit your abstract until 23rd October 2022 following the instructions.

Please observe the following points to submit a new paper for the conference “39th Annual Conference German Association of the Study of the Liver”.

The abstract submission process includes five-steps:

1.           Please enter the title and the topic of the abstract.

2.           Please enter your abstract. The document must not exceed 250 words.

3.           Please enter the authors and their contact details.

4.           Confirm your submission details and complete the process.

5.           Your submission has been completed. You will receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards.

If you have any questions please contact:

Conference Organisation

Universität Hamburg Marketing GmbH
Kongress- und Veranstaltungsmanagement
Feldbrunnenstraße 9
20148 Hamburg
Contact us at kongresse(at)